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David Marriott, In Neuter, A4, 32pp (price £6.00 including p&p)

Osip Mandelstam, 17 Voronezh Poems, A5 24pp (price £4.50 including p&p)


Carol Watts, Mother Blake, A5 20pp (price £4.50 including p&p)


John Kinsella, Rapacity: A Death’s Jest-Book, 96pp, perfect bound (price £6.00 including p&p)


John James, In Romsey Town, 48pp, perfect bound, with a cover by Peter Cartwright  (price £6.00 including p&p)





Tom Raworth, There Are Few People Who Put On Any Clothes (starring it), A5 28pp (price £4.50 including p&p)

Isobel Armstrong, Desert Collages, price £4.50

David Chaloner, Beyond These Lines, price £4.50

William Fuller, Dry Land, price £4.50

Brian Henry, In the Unlikely Event of a Water, price £4.50

Tracy Ryan, Bloc Notes, £4.50

Marjorie Welish, A Test of Spacing, price £4.50

Grzegorz Wroblewski, Our Flying Objects, price £4.50

Simon Jarvis, F subscript zero, 8” x 9”, 20pp, price £4.00

Carol Watts, Brass, Running, A5, 20pp, price £3.00

Rod Mengham, Diving Tower, A5, 16pp, price £3.00

Elizabeth Willis, The Great Egg of Night, A5, 20pp, price £3.00

John Kinsella, Love Sonnets, A5, 64pp, price £3.00

Barry MacSweeney, Horses in Boiling Blood, A4,perfect bound, 84pp,price £8.00

Caroline Bergvall, 8 Figs, A5, 48pp, price £3.00

Tony Lopez, Equal Signs, A5, 40pp, price £3.00

J.H.Prynne, Biting the Air, A5, 20pp, price £3.00

Anna Mendelssohn, Implacable Art (published by Equipage/Folio) perfect bound, 140pp, including 32pp of drawings, price £7.95 + £1.00 p&p

Peter Minter, Morning, Hyphen, A5, 36pp, price £3.00

Andrew Duncan (editor and translator), Depart, Kaspar: Modern German Poems, A5, 44pp, price £3.00

Brian Catling, Large Ghost, A5, 20pp, price £3.00

Accomplices: Poems for Stephen Rodefer, A5, 28pp, price £3.00  

Tadeusz Pioro, Infinite Neighbourhood, A5, 28pp, price £3.00

Allen Fisher, Ring Shout, A5, 16pp, price £3.00

Marjorie Welish, Begetting Textile, A5, 24pp, price £3.00

William Fuller, Roll, A5, 24pp, price £3.00

Drew Milne, The Gates of Gaza, A5, 20pp, price £3.00

Barry MacSweeney, Sweet Advocate, A5, 24pp, price £3.00

Peter Gizzi, Add This to the House, A5, 40pp, price £3.00

Drew Milne, Familiars, A5, 24pp, price £3.00

Ian Patterson, Much More Pronounced, A5, 24pp, price £3.00

John Wilkinson, Reverses, A5, 28pp, price £3.00

Jennifer Moxley, Wrong Life, A5, 28pp, price £3.00

John Kinsella, The Benefaction, A5, 62pp, price £3.00

Ralph Hawkins, The Coiling Dragon The Scarlet Bird The White Tiger A Blue & Misted Shroud, A5, 44pp, price £3.00

Geoff Ward, Rainer Maria Rilke: Duino Elegies, A5, 28pp, price £3.00

David Chaloner, Art for Others, A5, 16pp, price £3.00

Drew Milne, As It Were, A5, 20pp, price £3.00

John Forbes, Humidity, A5, 28pp, price £3.00

Pierre Alferi, Personal Pong, translated by Kevin Nolan, A5, 20pp, price £3.00

John Wilkinson, Sarn Helen, A5, 32pp, price £3.00

J.H. Prynne, For the Monogram, A5, 20pp, price £3.00

John Kinsella, Graphology, A5, 36pp, price £3.00

John Tranter, Gasoline Kisses, A5, 40pp, price £3.00

Keston Sutherland, Lidia, A5, 24pp, price £3.00

Richard Makin, universlipre, A5, 52pp, price £3.00

John James, Schlegel Eats a Bagel, A5, 24pp, price £3.00

Simon Perril, Spirit Level, A5, 20pp, price £3.00

Keston Sutherland, Prag, A5, 12pp, price £3.00

John Kinsella, The Radnoti Poems, A5, 56pp, price £3.00

Mas Abe, Agile, A5, 12pp, price £3.00

Peter Hughes, Paul Klee’s Diary, A5, 32pp, price £3.00

Peter Hughes, Psyche in the Gargano, A5, 24pp, price £3.00

Richard Makin, f  : w  :d, A5, 48pp, price £3.00

Tony Lopez, Negative Equity, A5, 40pp, price £3.00

Out to Lunch, Turnpike Ruler, A5, 32pp, price £3.00

Ulli Freer, Blvd.s, A5, 32pp, price £3.00

Drew Milne, How Peace Came, A5, 28pp, price £3.00

J.H.Prynne, Her Weasels Wild Returning, A5, 12pp, price £3.00

Antonio Bellotti (ed.), Milk of Late(anthology), A5, 60pp, price £3.00

John Wilkinson, Torn off a Strip, A5, 36pp, price £3.00

Peter Riley, Lecture, A5, 28pp, price £3.00

David Chaloner, The Edge, A5, 28pp, price £3.00

Michael Haslam, Four Poems, A5, 36pp, price £3.00

Caroline Bergvall, Strange Passage, A5, 28pp, price £3.00

Andrew Duncan, Alien Skies, A5, 32pp, price £3.00

Ian Patterson, Tense Fodder, A5, 24pp, price £3.00

Drew Milne, Satyrs and Mephitic Angels, A5, 20pp, price £3.00

Rod Mengham, Feuds, A5, 20pp, price £3.00

Alan Halsey, Reasonable Distance, A5, 24pp, price £3.00

Ulli Freer, Sand Poles, A5, 28pp, price £3.00

Out to Lunch, 28 Sliverfish Macronix, A5, 32pp, price £3.00



All publications are post free if ordered direct from the address given above.

Cheques should be made payable to Rod Mengham.



ALSO AVAILABLE   Published by Salt (Folio):


Luska Mengham, Leaked Out Local, A5, 20pp, price £2.00


ALSO AVAILABLE  Published by Zoland Books


Rudy Burckhardt and Simon Pettet, Talking Pictures: the Photography of Rudy Burckhardt , A4, perfect bound, 248 pp, price £15.00


ALSO AVAILABLE   Published by Wide Range Chapbooks


Rod Mengham,  Bell Book , A5, 16pp, price £3.00





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